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Sarah, 24, Texas.

My favorite picture ever of my love ❤️😍😘👲

My favorite picture ever of my love ❤️😍😘👲

My boyfriend makes me happy, its been such a lovely few months. 

I’ve never been the type to hold back on loving someone or letting myself fall for someone fast, I’d rather come out of it knowing that I gave that person my all, and it just didn’t work for other reasons. 

I’m just glad that he came into my life, when I decided to change the type of girlfriend I’ve always been. He deserves a good girlfriend, someone who is nice, helpful, and understanding. All I want to do is have fun, no worries. Be happy for as long as this last. 

Life is to short and precious to spend so much time on someone who just can’t find it in themselves to be happy and enjoy what life throws at them. 

And even if things don’t work out, I am having a wonderful time, meeting wonderful people, and won’t regret a thing. 

Alana came to visit this weekend with Joe, I had so much fun.